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Cornelius J. van Dyk's SharePoint Brain Dump > Posts > Complete MOSS licensing info - Updated (04/04/07)
April 04
Complete MOSS licensing info - Updated (04/04/07)

If you are unsure of SharePoint licensing, this is the place to get all the information you heart may desire:

For some pricing quotes, please see the following page, but PLEASE NOTE that pricing is always subject to changes and discounts so please work with your Microsoft rep to get your specific and actual pricing figured out:

Additionally, this Excel spreadsheet has a good feature comparison and may also be useful.

If the above link no longer works, you can always get it from the Downloads section.

<UPDATE 04/04/07> Fellow MVP Spencer Harbar has discovered a good discussion on licensing that was burried in Microsoft's "Planning and Architecture for Office SharePoint Server" documents.  He's graciously extracted the applicable sections here.
If you're interested, you can download the original Part 1 and Part 2 documents.
As always, if these documents are no longer availabe, you can get them from the Downloads section.



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